Butterfly Pea Flower

These flowers have an extraordinary level of antioxidants, rivaling that of green tea. These potent antioxidants help boost the brains' power to function, increasing cognitive skills and memory.

Drinking tea made from the butterfly pea flower destroys free radicals in the body making it great for healthy skin and hair. It has abilities to keep hydration levels up and is known to protect the skin against premature aging. In Thailand, these flowers have been used for hair and scalp health in ancient types of shampoo said to thicken hair.

Butterfly pea is a highly valued healer

in Ayurvedic medicine and has been

used for centuries as a

nootropic (memory enhancer),

anxiolytic (anti anxiety),

anti stress, anti inflammatory,

antidepressant, and anticonvulsant agent.

These flower powers combined help it reduce the risk of cancers, while increasing brain health and overall vitality.

This flower is also known to trigger vivid dreams, making it a great ingredient for dream work.

When paired with other herbs it can induce a deep dream state.

The tea of this alkaline flower has the abilities to change color. This is directly related to it's PH balance. Add something acidic, like lemon, and it will turn from a deep midnight blue to a beautiful, rich violet. Add hibiscus and the tea will turn bright red.

Another post on butterfly pea flower and how we use it in our products coming soon.

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