Calendula | Marigold

Calendula is an annual flower in the family Asteraceae (daisy family). Calendula/marigold should not be confused with the common garden or French marigold (Tagetes), African marigold (T. erecta), or Inca marigold (T. minuta) which do not have the same medicinal uses and benefits as calendula officinalis.

This flower has many healing abilities. Calendula is known to treat viruses, infection, and even aides in soothing UTI’s due to its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Next time you're feeling under the weather, consider reaping this plants medicinal benefits.

Calendula is very effective in relieving headaches, migraines, joint pain, and general body wide inflammation. This golden flower is high in triterpenoids, the plant compound responsible for this anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Triterpenoids are also known to possess anti-cancer and

anti-tumor qualities.

Calendula officinalis is one of the powerful anti-inflammatory plant medicines in Potion of Relief

Rinsing with calendula tea can also help with inflammations of mouth, such as canker sores, ulcers, tooth pain, or thrush. It can be very healing after dental work.

Calendula can help with digestion when taken internally by healing ulcers, calming the GI tract, and stimulating the production of bile.

Calendula is a natural anti-spasmodic especially helpful in treating both stomach and menstrual cramps, as well as muscle spasms.

These statements are meant for educational purposes. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product/herb is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If pregnant, on medication, or have any medical conditions consult a doctor before use.

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