Potion of Defense | Adaptogen

Potion of Defense | Adaptogen

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Feeling under the weather? Traveling? Or just need an immune boost? 

Try Potion of Defense, a blend of adaptogenic herbs that aid the body in defending itself against infections and virus'. 


coconut milk powder, orange peel, ginger, camu camu, calendula, astragulus root, pomegranate, turmeric, cardamom, pure monk fruit.


100% organic


Camu Camu

These Amazonian berries contain 60 times more vitamin c than an orange, making them the most potent source of vitamin c on earth. 


Astragulus Root

Known to enhance immunity by increasing white blood cell count and stimulating the production of antibodies. This builds up bodily resistance to viruses and bacteria; invigorates qi (vital energy).



Ginger root is a highly effective anti-bacterial. Great for fighting infections. High in gingerol, a natural anti-inflammatory compound; immune boosting.

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